Mars Hiking Map Launches

Good news for prospective interplanetary trekkers as the red planet gets mapped :-)

Posted: 13 February 2007
by Jon

Blinding news for anyone planning a future interplanetary walking holiday with the news that the first 'hikers maps' of Mars are now available.

The maps have been created using data from the European Space Agency's Mars Express craft and handily give contours and names of geological features - they have names? - and cover the very alluring sounding Iani Chaos region of this popular trekking destination.

The region was apparently chosen because of 'major topographical interest', which is science speak for having loads of hills and the maps have been produced at scales from 1:200,000 down to a Landranger-style 1:50,000. We'd recommend the latter for navigation on the ground and the former for larger scale route planning.

Disappointingly for those already scouring the budget airlines for flights to Iani Chaos Central Spaceport, full mapping of the entire planet will only be possible if there's further funding for the mapping project at a European level. A done deal then...

Full details at We'll let you know when the maps are in the shops.

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well, at 1:200 000 they are a bit hazy, but could be useful for the first Martian OM meet. No Good Pub Guide as yet though.

Oh... and you can happily pull up all your old 'ultra-heavy weight' outdoor gear as the gravity on Mars is about 1/3 of that on Earth... should make climbing the highest mountain in the Solar system, Olypmus Mons, a little less difficult despite being 27 000 m / 89 000 ft!


Posted: 13/02/2007 at 10:49


Us humans are arrogant eh?

We are already naming bits of another world!


Posted: 13/02/2007 at 11:02

That "chaos" area looks a bit like the Carmarthen Fans at the height of last summer!!


Posted: 13/02/2007 at 11:03

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