New iPhone App Identifies Peaks

New Peak Scanner app tells you what's what simply by pointing your phone at the mystery mountain.

Posted: 1 May 2013
by Jon

Line up the crosshair sight on a visible peak and you get a red background plus name, height, bearing and distance above you.
Meanwhile background summits can still be selected, but are shown in grey. Neat.

New from Quantaq is an iPhone app called Peak Scanner which aims to identify individual mountains and summits simply by aiming your phone at them.

It's not the first app of its kind - we've used Peaks in the past - but a quick download and play through the office walls suggests that it has rather more tops in its database than Peaks.

Not only does it show the main summit of Bleaklow Head, it also identifies High Shelf Stones, Alport Moor and others from our local hills where Peaks sometimes had trouble just ear-marking a single main hill.

Easy To Use

Using it seems simply enough - you simply line up the crosshair with a peak icon and it gives you the name, height distance from you and how much higher than you it is. It also shows the bearing of the peak from you along with your current altitiude. First impressions are that lining up the crosshair sight can be a litte fiddly, but will probably get easier with use.

Hidden Peaks Show Too

One neat touch is that peaks hidden behind other summits are still displayed, but the information comes up with a grey background instead of the red used for mountains which are fully in view. Quantaq says the app has a database of more than 250,000 peaks worldwide and based on a quick whirl through our local hills, we can say that if that's replicated in other areas, it should be good showing both major and minor summits.

Handy Nav Aid?

We'll give it a proper go shortly, but if it works as promised - and we suspect it's goikng to be better than anything similar we've used so far - it should be a brilliant way of working out which mountain is which and, potentially, a handy navigational aid as well. 

Peak Scanner works on iPhone 4 and upwards and costs £1.49 in the Apple App Store:

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