ShAFF Off To The Antarctic

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival may be over for this year, but a selection of highlights are heading to Antarctica...

Posted: 6 March 2013
by Jon

The new Halley VI base - portable to prevent it from floating away, raised on legs to allow for snowfall - Antony Dubber
Weather balloon above Halley VI - Mark Clilverd.

Seems like going to Antarctica is all the rage this year and not to be outdone by Leo Houlding et al, the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is joining them with a Best of ShAFF screening set for a new British polar research base later this year.

Britain’s latest Antarctic Research Station -  the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Halley VI - became active this month and is the sixth to be built on the floating Brunt Ice Shelf.  The region has become established as an important natural laboratory for studying the Earth’s magnetic field and the near-space atmosphere. It was data from Halley that led to the 1985 BAS discovery of the ozone hole. 

All sobering stuff, so it's kind of understandable that the resident scientists and staff might want a bit of recreational distraction and ShAFF head honcho Matt Heason reckons the Best of ShAFF selection should be spot on - we reckon Crossing The Ice should go down a treat:

"Every year we go the extra mile to show the best films from around the world at ShAFF," says Heason. "But this will be the first time ShAFF has ever gone to the ends of the earth.  ShAFF's all about showing athletes and adventurers pushing the limits of extreme sports and exploration so where better to put on a screening than in the Antarctic and when better than 100 years after Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic expedition?  We're also delighted to be able to team up with our video download partners at 'SteepEdge' to help make this a reality."

And if you're thinking the base itself looks, well, nuts, it's built to sit above the metres of annual snowfall and to allow relocation inland periodically to avoid it becoming stranded on a floating ice berg, which is understandable really. It cost around £26m to construct and replaces Halley V, which operated for 20 years.

More about the new base at

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