Stanage - Derbyshire CC Responds

'You can't please all of the people' says the council behind the flattening of Stanage Causeway.

Posted: 25 April 2013
by Jon

The new surface at Stanage - “You can’t always please everyone." says Derbyshire County Council.

Following our recent news article about the levelling of Stanage Causeway, we've heard from Derbyshire County Council, the body behind the work who tell us that - and we're quoting directly here, not paraphrasing: “You can’t always please everyone."

A spokesperson for the council, Jaimi Simpson, says: “We received a legal challenge, we took advice and it was agreed that we needed to take action – so that’s what we’ve done. But we accept that some people will prefer a more rocky route while others prefer a smoother surface.

“The route is used by a range of people including walkers, horse riders, cyclists, motorcyclists. 4x4s are temporarily banned for safety until a retaining wall can be stabilised. We’re doing the work with the approval of Natural England and the support of the Peak District National Park Authority.”

We've asked Jaime to expand on that. To say exactly who the 'legal challenge' was from, if not from 4x4 users. To tell us which user groups would actively prefer 'a smoother surface' - we can't think of many - and what sort of consultation there was before the work was started.

Finally, we've asked what criteria were used to decide on the decision to install a smooth surface in an area where it seems entirely inappropriate.

All of which seem fair questions given that something like £250,000 of public money seems to be earmarked for the project.

Watch this space...

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So there are now less potholes in the causeway than on Ringinglow Rd next to Lady Canning's Plantation!

Posted: 25/04/2013 at 17:55

I really don't see what the problem is. How long do you think that surface will stay smooth? Houndkirk is back to it's normal pitted state only about a year since the mountain bikers were moaning about that being re-surfaced. Meanwhile I shall enjoy riding my touring bike down what is after all legally classified as a Byway Open to All Traffic. We all know where the legal challenge came from of course and the sooner the legal status of the Long Causeway is changed so that motorised users can be banned, the better.

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 10:40

The problem is the precedent of the destruction and levelling of an ancient byway in an arbitrary and unsympathetic way that's totally out of keeping with its location.

You're right of course that the repair won't last, particularly once motorised traffic gets on it, you only have to look at Chapel Gate which was resurfaced last year and is already falling to bits a few months after it was reopened to 4x4s thanks to a combination of use and water erosion and the Roych Track which is similarly eroding badly after being repaired a few years back, but that's not really the point.

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 12:30

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