TV People Lost On Scottish Mountain

Are they 'tough enough'? Apparently not...

Posted: 29 August 2001
by Jon

Are they tough enough? 'Pants they are,' was the answer as three contestants in a new BBC adventure show got lost on 3194-foot Ben Lomond.

The three were competitors in a new BBC programme 'Are You Tough Enough?' were attempting to climb the very straightforward mountain in what were described as 'near perfect conditions' but still managed to screw up.

According to this story on Anonova, one 'hitched a lift', one was rescued and one found her own way down. We're not criticising anyone, least of all contestants on TV outdoors survival game shows, but a quick poll of the OUTDOORSmagic staff showed that none of them had ever been rescued from a very straightforward Scottish mountain while competing in a TV game show...

Meanwhile, if you still insist on watching normal people making trouts of themselves in the outdoors, the latest episode of 'The Heat Is On' - the eight volunteers have a rough time in the Peruvian rain forest' - is tonight (Wednesday) at 9.00pm on BBC1.

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