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Posted: 11 May 2012
by Walter the Weathergirl

This week's weather photo - 'A long time ago above a cloud sea far far away...' by Andrew Terrill from the OM Gallery

Weekend Mountain Weather Round-Up - May 12-13, 2012

Every Friday we bring you links to all the best mountain weather resources on the web, so you can check specific conditions in all the UK's leading mountain areas this weekend plus a quick OM summary to give a general idea of what's happening this weekend. Weather in the hills can change fast, so check back for the latest forecast before you head out.

This Weekend's OM Summary

Sunshine... Saturday looking promising for a change.

Dark Clouds...  Sunday turning nasty as the day goes on.

Don't be too encouraged by the optimism of the Londoncentric, national weather forecasters, this weekend's looking okay, but promises all the spring-like warmth of Mordor once you get into the mountains, though valley temperatures should reach double figures after frosty starts. That said Saturday's looking pretty decent in most hilly areas and you can expect light winds, little if any rain and patchy sunshine. 

'Patchy' is this week's MWIS word of the day by the way, replacing the more poetic 'patchwork of bright sunshine' we've grown used to. Clear air too, but don't go thinking it's going to be warm up high, summit temperatures hovering around 1-4˚C in most mountain regions. It may even be frosty in the valleys to start with.

Things start going downhill on Sunday however as the May drought returns with a vengeance. It'll start in a dry sunny way in the morning, but gale-force winds and rain will descend upon us as the day goes on - that could mean gusts as high as 80mph according to the cheery folk at MWIS. Starting sunny, but visibility getting a good kicking in the rain later on. Temperatures up top similar to Saturday.

So a good Saturday and a Sunday that starts well but descends into cafe-friendly weather in the afternoon and chilly on the tops even if valley temperatures should climb into double figures.

Have a good one!

Image - 'A long time ago above a cloud sea far far away...' Andre Terrill - OM Gallery.

Useful Weather Resources

Mountain Weather Information Service

Part funded by the Scottish Government, MWIS has detailed downloadable forecasts for all the major Scottish mountain areas plus the Lakes, Snowdonia and the Peak District / Yorkshire Dales. Includes wind, temperatures, visibility, precipitation and more. Can verge on the pessimistic and the combined Peak/Dales effort is a tad confusing at times, but a great resource for checking weather in the hills.

Met Office Mountain Forecasts

Another excellent weather resource as you'd expect from the Met Office. It has fewer Scottish areas than the MWIS version, but otherwise provides a similar level of detailed analysis and also scores by having individual Dales and Peak District sections plus coverage of the Brecon Beacons. 

Lake District Weatherline

Run by the Lake District National Park, Weatherline - which can also be accessed by phoning  0844 846 2444 - carries the detailed Met Office Lakes mountain forecast all year round, but really comes into its own over the winter months when it features daily reports from a fell-top assesor who climbs Helvellyn every day and writes a report on snow and ground conditions on the high fells. Invaluable if you're heading out in winter conditions.

Met Office General Forecast

Does what it says on the can, but is well worth using both as a handy overview of the country as a whole and, for the detailed regional forecasts, particularly if you're heading to an area not covered by the mountain specialist sites. Well worth a browse if you have a general interest in meteorology as well for some of the wider ranging weather articles.

BBC Weather Pages

The BBC uses Met Office data, but presents the information quite differently. It's real plus point however, is the online iPlayer forecast which generally gives a useful overview of what's happening with animated graphics that even the densest viewer - us - can understand.


An alternative option for general forecasts, Metcheck still has a bit of a weather enthusiast vibe to it and you find detailed hourly forecasts for post-coded locations. It does have a tendency to disappear off the face of the web at times and also generates the odd bizarre data errror when models go awry, but they're usually pretty obvious - 200˚C temperatures and the like. Many of the original enthusiast features now appear to be dead.

Scottish Midge Forecast

Genius page also available as a smartphone app which uses midge monitoring stations for forecast the concentrations of the evil little blighters across Scotland during the peak midge months. In practice, Glencoe, Fort Willam and the Western Highlands cop the worst of it on a consistent basis, but if you're keen to avoid or at least get an idea of how bad things are likely to be, this is the site to visit. They're also behind the excellent Smidge repellent.

Scottish Avalanche Information Service

Avalanches are more common that you might think on Scottish hills and the SAIS provides excellent daily forecasts of avalanche conditions across five main Scottish mountain areas. Alongside those are blogs from the SAIS observers, often with recent photos which give excellent background to the actual reports. Bear in mind that snow conditions can change rapidly, so check the latest forecast before heading out. Also posted prominently in strategic local spots and available on your mobile.

Disclaimer Mountain weather and conditions are by their nature unpredictable, so while the forecast links above and our summary will give some idea of the outlook on the hills, things can change quickly, so you should always use them as a guide to what the weather may do rather than as a definite. Be aware too that conditions can vary massively between the valley bottom and the summits and dress and equip yourself accordingly.

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