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Posted: 13 July 2001
by Michael Phish

Weekend 14/15 July 2001

This is our regular Friday round-up of the general weather situation for the weekend plus links to specifics for all the main UK hills. For a particular area, scroll down and follow the links, which all open in a new window. Once you've read it, close the window and check out the next.

Overall: It's looking like sunshine and showers pretty much everywhere. Cool on the tops with temperatures at 3000 feet between 4 and 7 C according to Online Weather, but clear spells with good visibility and even sunshine in between the odd shower.

If you've been following our regular foot and mouth updates, you'll know that the overall situation pans out roughly like this:

Peak is 90 per-cent open - Derbyshire now 100 per-cent away from the one outbreak area
Lakes has limited opening - mor epaths being risk assesed
Scotland is pretty close to normal
Snowdonia Park is normal
Dales / North Yorks Moors / Lancashire - infection closes many rights of way, but more opening all the time.

The National Forecasts

Online Weather's Mountain Forecast forecasts unseasonably cool conditions with summit temperatures around 5 or 6 degrees C. Yukkk... More positively, although they says there will be showers in most mountain areas today, the periods between should be clear with some sunny spells. The rest of the weekend looks broadly similar.

The Met Office says it'll be a mix of clouds, showers and sunny spells everywhere.

Three-day pressure analysis animation from the Met Office explains why the weather's so changeable right now, with a load of low pressure and isobars hanging around.

Online Weather for Saturday bright and sunny spells, but widespread showers particularly in the afternoon, Sunday pretty much the same unless you're in the SE inwhich case you might cop the edge of some bad stuff from the Low Countries.

The Bottom Line Pack your waterproof jacket again, but it doesn't look that bad.

In Your Pack Or On Your Back Waterproofs and a lightweight fleece for stops. You can leave the sun hat at home we reckon.

Climbing Updates If you have a television handy, check out page 159 on ITV's teletext service for their regularly updated climbing, er, updates including temperatures on the tops and other more general information.

Scottish Avalanche Information Service is now asleep until next winter.

WinterNet Scotland is a useful source for firsthand reports for some Scottish hill areas complete with pictures plus links to web cams - still some useful stuff, even though it's not winter.

Yorkshire Dales - foot and mouth mostly closed Access Maps and Details

Online Weather's mountain-specific Pennines forecast

Met Office forecast for Yorkshire

Online weather forecast for Hawes.

BBC five-day forecast for Skipton

Yahoo forecast for Bingley

Peak District - 90 per-cent open - foot and mouth info

Online Weather's mountain-specific Peak forecast

Met Office forecast for the Peak

BBC forecast for Sheffield

Yahoo's Sheffield forecast and their Manchester one and the Central Pennines

Online Weather Sheffield and Manchester

Longdendale Valley web cam

Snowdonia - open - Open Paths in Wales

Online Weather's mountain-specific Snowdonia forecast

The Met Office forecast for Wales

BBC North Wales area

Yahoo's Snowdon-specific forecast and their Dollgellau one

Online Weather and their Bangor forecast

Snowdon Weather Stations Project

Snowdon Web Cams

Ananova walking forecast

Lake District - limited foot and mouth opening - Fell Access Page

Online Weather's mountain-specific Lakes forecast

BBC's forecast for Keswick

Yahoo's forecast for Keswick

Online weather

Ananova walking forecast

East Highlands - mainly open - MCofS page - Walking Wild page

Online Weather's mountain-specific Cairngorms forecast

Online Weather's mountain-specific Grampians forecast

BBC forecast for Aviemore

Cairngorm Summit Weather Station data

Yahoo's Cairngorm forecast

Online weather and their Braemar predictions

Avalanche Information Service

Cairngorm web cam

WinterNet Scotland

West Highlands - mainly open - MCofS page - Walking Wild page

Online Weather's mountain-specific West Highlands forecast

Online Weather's mountain-specific North West Highlands forecast

BBC Forecast

Lochaber Internet's Fort William forecast

Nevis cam web cam of the Ben

Yahoo's Fort William forecast and Skye

Online Weather's Highlands forecast and their Fort Bill prognostications

Avalanche Information Service

Skye web cam

WinterNet Scotland

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