Endura Venturi 3/4s - Quick Test

We've found these bike-specific, short-cut eVent overtrousers every bit as good for general outdoors use.

Posted: 9 July 2008
by Jon

Endura Venturi eVent 3/4s - Quick Look


Price: £99.99 SRP

Weight: 300 grammes (medium)

Features: Fully seam-sealed, 3-layer eVent 3/4-length over trousers, bonded front waterproof zip pockets, reinforced seat and stretch rear shaped panel, reflective thigh prints, zipped fly with storm flap, integral belt, articulated knees, Velcro hem adjustment.

What Are They For?

Designed for warm but wet weather cycling use with a below the knee cut giving a good combination of protection, breathability and ventilation even when working hard, the Venturi 3/4s also work really well for walking and scrambling over shorts when the going gets wet, which is why they're here.

The Techy Bits

The key to the Venturis is the highly breathable eVent fabric. It's the most breathable conventional fabric we've used making it an ideal choice for those who run on the warm side. Technical features on the Venturi include bonded pockets with water resistant zips and full-on fly for easy relief.

How They Perform

We bought the Endura eVent 3/4s initially for cycling use, which they're great for thanks to a combination of a cut that fits over shorts but isn't restrictive, decent breathability and good cooling thanks partly to the lower regions of your legs being water-cooled.

The surprise was that all those qualities carry on over seamlessly to general outdoor use and we've found ourselves layering them over shorts when summer squalls hit. They're long enough to stop the hems of your shorts from getting soaked, have a nice, easy cut and don't side down thanks to an integral belt. You can even adjust the lower cuffs using Velcro tabs.

They're even good for use on the rock when the short cut doesn't obscure your view of your feet scrabbling desperately for holds. Best of all, on days when full overtrousers seem just too much, these short-cut versions allow enough cooling to be barely noticeable. Finally at 300 grammes, they're also light enough not to be breaking any camels' backs.

Initial Verdict

Having a pair of three-quarter length, summer-specific overtrousers may be a bit of a luxury, but they're a great mid-way point between soaked shorts and full-on overtrousers. A great cut and the most breathable fabric out there is the icing on the cake. And you can use them for cycling too ;-)

Great fabric, decent cut, nice looks and they work. Light enough too.
Pockets seem unnecessary.

Endura web site

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I wouldn't buy anything from endura. I emailed them a simple question and they didn't have the decency to respond.

If that's the customer service on offer, they can ram it!

Posted: 09/07/2008 at 18:10

Shame bout the customer aftercare, maybe you got sent to junk. or maybe they just couldnt be arsed!

i like the sound of a short cut over trouser, i alwys get too hot in overtrousers so these babies could be just the job for keeping your butt dry in the summer.

Posted: 10/07/2008 at 12:31

That wasn't aftercare, that was before I'd even bought the product!

They could learn a thing or two from the Alpkit team, or Bob and Rose at BPL.

The shorts do look good, I met a guy camping in Glencoe who had a pair, kind of expensive though.

Posted: 10/07/2008 at 13:15

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