Gregory Juxt - Rapid Look

Not a full test, but a quick run through of the Gregory Juxt, a technical daysac from one of the best known US pack brands that's now available on this side of the Atlantic too.

Posted: 21 June 2005
by Jon

Gregory Juxt - Rapid Perusal...

Price: £90.00

Weight: 1300 grammes (one size only) 28 litre capacity

Features: Exo-Frame technology, with I-beam ventilation, all terrain harness, low profile waist belt, spacious front pocket, stretch size pockets, top loading, water-resistant zippers, cross over compression system, hydration sleeve and port, twin removable ice axe loops and keeper straps, ski tail stabilisers, auto draiding stretch side pockets.

The Concept New to Gregory's range for 2005 and new to the UK as well, the Juxt is a technical day pack from one of the best known pack brands over there and now it's over here as well. With a capacity of 28 litres plus an overloading stretch back pocket and side pockets, it's very much a day sac and the ice tool straps give a big clue as to where its aimed. Think mountain walking, climbing and skiing. The sort of activities where you might carry a small but fairly heavy load.
Features As with the excellent G-Pack we tested a few months back, the Juxt has been thoroughly thought through with lots of nice detail touches. Take the stretch fabric panels at the side of the hood that help it sit neatly or the neat pocket on the lefthhand side of the hip-belt, or strategically-positioned tough Hypalon patches in high wear areas.

What the Americans excell at though, are harnesses and back systems and the heart of the Juxt is the Exoframeback system, a big plastic - sorry HDPE - plate that sits outside the pack but behind the main lumbar padding. As with the G-Pack it's designed to take a decent load and transfer it efficiently to your body. There's a central channel for ventilation too. The harness is thin but dense foam, which experience tells us works best for a combination of long term comfort and efficiency.

The other main stand-out feature is a big back pocket with a full-length zip that's ideal for stowing waterproofs and other spare clothing for easy access.

In Action This is by no means a full test of the Juxt, but as with the G-Pack we were highly impressed with the build quality and the thought that's gone into the design of the sac. Much of it is pretty standard issue - tool loops and compression straps for example - but well done just the same.

The sight of the rigid plastic plate sandwiched under the foam padding of the back system is a little off-putting, but a brief try-out showed that it's very supportive and up to relatively heavy loads in day pack terms. It hugged the contours of our back neatly which made for great load transfer, but felt a little firm, so if you like a soft carry, look elsewhere. We suspect you're sacrificing a little comfort for stability and load carrying here.

Talking of which, stability is good, which will be welcome on rough walk-ins and on the rock too and the narrow profile should work well in cramped, tight spaces.


The Juxt is less radical than the ultra-lightweight G-Pack, but still an extremely well made and designed year-round day sac. Support and stability are great, though the carry will be a little firm for some users and touches like the expandable rear pocket work well. At £90 it's not cheap, but our gut feeling is that it'll last the course better than most and looks like a neat, capable technical pack.

Gregory Packs web site

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