Lowe Alpine Contour Event 35

Cracking all-round, fast-moving sac

Posted: 21 November 2000
by Jon

Lowe Alpine Contour Event 35

Price: £50

Weight: 900g

Features: Back panel with 'Body Comnfort' fabrics, internal hydration system pocket, padded wrap-around hip belt with pockets, removable bivy / sit mat, three external mesh pockets, side compression straps, shock cord accessory system, quick access, zipped-opening, contour-shaped body for stability.

Contoured to fit, loads of pockets -
designer Peak District grit is extra...
Lowe's Contour Event 35 might be designed as a multi-day adventure race pack, but it's also a great all round day sack, particularly for any activity involving fast movement like running or mountain biking. The key to the design is clamping everything into your body as firmly and snugly as possible with the emphasis being on the lower back area. Hence the multiple compression straps, hip belt, shock-corded back and hip and chest straps.

The good news is that it works brilliantly. The compression system means that it carries as well half empty as it does stuffed to zip-busting full capacity and it really does feel like an extension of your own body - as opposed to feeling like an extension of someone else's body I guess... The feel is softened by the removable bivy pad which sits inside the sack cushioning the load slightly.

Neat hydration system exit point

You'd expect the body-hugging design to be hugely clammy in very hot conditions, but Lowe's wicking back panel works well, not as effective as an air gap -type trampoline system, but certainly better than you'd expect. I used it on one of the hottest days of this year with no major worries.

Build quality measures up to Lowe's usual high standards - they boast that they use 3-ply bonded Nylon thread to sew their packs together, triple stitch major seams and strengthen stress points with five lines of sewing - and despite sustained abuse, nothing has given way in over six months of regular use, despite the ultralight fabric used for the main body of the sac. The base section is a tougher, heavier SRN210 and is also surviving well.

Userful pockets on hip belt -
ideal for choccy snacks
Neat, functional touches abound: there's a hydration system pocket and opening built in, which we reckon should now be standard on all packs, neat zipped pockets on the hip belt which are idea for carrying snacks, a compact camera, compass or anything else you might need quickly - be warned though, they can brush the top of your thigh when cycling - and mesh pockets that take water bottles or wet clothes quickly and neatly.

Oh, and wonder of wonders, the hip belt ends can be neatly tucked away in the tunnel behind the pockets. Excellent. If this sounds like a vile, gushing stream of praise, then it's simply because this is a genuinely good product. You wouldn't want to use it for any climbing which involves the possibility of abrasive contact with the rock, or for carrying heavy loads, but for just about any other activity you care to name, the Contour Event is spot on.

Verdict: Great sack for fast-moving and not so fast-moving activities. If your life includes regular mountain biking, runnng and walking episodes and you want one sac to do everything then this is it. Hard to see how Lowe cold make it better



Take my fast-moving butt and deposit it on the Lowe Alpine web site

Pushed for time: A lesson to anyone who thinks adventure racing has absolutely nothing to offer to the rest of us. The Contour Event makes a fantastic sac for biking, runnng and walking, or any other activity where stability counts. Multiple straps pull the load into the lower back and hold it there in a controlled fashion. Features are excellent and include a hydration system pocket, twin-zipped pockets on the hip belt, mesh exterior pockets and shockcord accessory string. And despite the lightness, durability seems good as long as you don't drag it against sharp and pointy rocks. A winner.


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where can I get one? had one for many years, fantastic daysack , can`t find anywhere?????????????

please help

Posted: 22/01/2014 at 10:47

they've been out of production for some time, so you're limited to second hand.

New, the Liteflite 25 is probably the closest Lowe make to it, though it's obviously 10 litres smaller...  OMM have been making running packs for as long as anyone (back to when they were Kimmlite and formerly Karrimor, catering to the first mountain marathon runners) so maybe worth a look, for example the Classic 32.

I've got an Event 35 and I really like it, so am not keen to sell it on.  If you're desperate I could be persuaded to part with it, but it'll take enough money to buy a suitable replacement (like the OMM 32) new...



Posted: 22/01/2014 at 12:37

I have one for sale if you're still interested.

Posted: 23/02/2014 at 14:05

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