Scroll down for site and user reviews of walking boots, both leather and fabric, mountaineering boots, approach shoes, sandals and trail-running shoes. There are dozens of brands out there, but the most important point to remember is that if the boot or shoe doesn't it your foot, it's not for you.

To help you work out what you need check out our various footwear Buyers' Guides including  Walking Boots - leather and fabric - Outdoor Shoes, Rock Boots, Trail Running Shoes and Lightweight Footwear. And last but not least, have a look at our Shopping Tips, our handy guide to help you buy the outdoors footwear that's right for you - did you know that it's better to try shoes and boots in the afternoon for example?

If you want to review a product that is not listed, please email us and we will endeavour to get it added pronto.

Footwear categories

Approach Shoes  239 products

Shoes have some major pluses over full boots – they’re almost always lighter, which reduces fatigue; they tend to be more breathable; and they allow you to be more agile

Gaiters  47 products

Gaiters keep snow and mud out of the tops of your boots and add some insulation and weather protection for your lower legs at the same time.

Laces  10 products

Replacement laces for your outdoors footwear designed to cope with harsh environments.

Mocs  8 products

Just mocs.

Mountain Boots  69 products

These are the full-on, crampon-specific fellas you need to tackle big mountains in full winter conditions.

Sandals  103 products

Ideal for use in hotter conditions, sandals are becoming more and more versatile with sophisticated features and added toe protection appearing.

Shoecare  51 products

Aftermarket treatments and cleaners to keep your expensive outdoor boots and shoes in top condition.

Trail Running Shoes  71 products

More and more outdoor footwear brands are producing ’trail–running shoes’. Here's what to look for

Walking Boots (fabric)  193 products

Fabric boots tend to be lighter than leather boots, and can be more comfortable at first. The waterproof liners can be sweaty in hot weather though.

Walking Boots (Leather)  247 products

Leather is a great boot material. Modern hides use special tanning processes to give a durable, highly water repellent finish while maintaining toughness and breathability

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