British Army S95 Issue Combat Boots

British Army S95 Issue Combat Boots

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I bought these boots as a cheap option when I first got into hiking; for a 120mile wild camp around the Lakes in autumn.

They lasted me well all over the Lakes, over many summits and through lots rivers, pig Continue reading...
These are poor, mass-produced boots, designed to be general purpose boots able to deal with a number of environments. I have seen a number of injuries (most notably to individuals' Achilles tendons) caused by Continue reading...
The first pair I was ever issued (10 yrs ago) were great and they even survived Iraq high and UK cold temperatures. When I had to get subsequent pairs I've never been able to wear them in before they fall apar Continue reading...
Horrible horrible boots, they will give you blisters in minutes and I've seen so many people get ankle injuries from them. If you are only going to spend this little on boots you'd be better off with a pair of Continue reading...


Ive worn these over 10 years light role infantry active service with sorbathane dual strike and never had a problem. if they have been completely soaked and dried out hard they can be a bit sore for an hour or so till they become flexible again.  Ive done 130 mile Nijmegan marches in 4 days, the Pennine way 250 in 10 days, didnt get blisters on the Pennines (cross country and tracks, got hot spots and blisters on Nijmegan (because its tarmac roads).  Ive known people get achillies problems with lowas, its all about been out of training, wearing the correct socks, and route selection... happy walking!

Posted: 14/11/2012 at 22:33

Meanwhile I love my lowas and I get blisters even simply driving in my issue boots! Best boots...whatever works for you!

Posted: 15/11/2012 at 20:25

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