Possibly the single most important bit of outdoor clothing you'll ever buy, jackets provide protection and insulation from the worst the outdoors can throw at you. In our jackets section you'll find editorial and user reviews of waterproof, windproof, soft shell and insulated jackets - everything you need to keep warm, dry and comfortable out on the hill.

And if you're not sure what to look for, check out our Shell Jackets Shopping Tips for some basic guidelines on how to choose the right jacket.

If you want to review a product that is not listed, please email us and we will endeavour to get it added pronto.

Jackets categories

Fleece Tops  119 products

Fleece is the classic modern insulation fabric, it's warm, dries fast, wicks decently and looks good in the pub too.

Shell Jackets - Waterproof  288 products

Essential features include a breathable fabric, an effective hood, adjustable sealing at cuffs, hem and around the face and a well–protected main zip

Shell Jackets - Windproof  79 products

A windproof shell prevents wind from stripping away trapped warm air in your clothing system, keeping you warmer. Windproof fabrics are generally more breathable than their waterproof counterparts.

Softshell jackets  76 products

There are a huge number of garments dubbed with the soft shell label: we help demystify them...

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