Here's where you'll find reviews of pretty much anything not included in the main categories from stoves through head torches to technical snow and ice kit like crampons and axes. If it's not listed in the other categories, the chances are that you'll find it here complete with both official site and user reviews.

If you need background information on any of the equipment categories, take a look at our comprehensive set of Buyers' Guides - which tell you what you should be looking for in any particular category. Simply enter 'buyers guide' into the search box.

If you want to review a product that is not listed, please email us and we will endeavour to get it added pronto.

Other Equipment categories

GPS  77 products

Basic models are now available for well under £100 and can indicate altitude, bearing, and position, as well as storing waypoints and routes.

Helmets  34 products

Hydration Systems  88 products

All you need for drinking from a bladder on the move

Snow and Ice  125 products

Ice axes, crampons, and ice climbing hardwear. Whether you want to go mountaineering, winter climbing, or just hillwalking on a wintry day , here’s some of the kit you need for underfoot grip and general safety.

Stoves  219 products

Stove choice is determined by two basic questions. One: what conditions will the stove be used in? This affects hardiness, weight, and pack size. Secondly: which fuels are available locally?

Torches  184 products

Take your pick from conventional bulb torches, high–powered LEDs, hybrids, and torches with special features such as boost buttons

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