This is where you'll find reviews of sleeping bags, both down and synthetic and associated but crucial equipment like sleeping mats, which prevent you from losing essential body heat to the ground.

Sleeping bags are now temperature rated with three figures - 'Comfort', which is what it sounds like, 'Limit of Comfort', just about the point where things feel uncomfortable, and 'Extreme', which is how low a temperature the bag will just about keep you alive at...

Confused? Our Buyers' Guides to Sleeping Mats might help and we'll add one for sleeping bags shortly.

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Sleeping categories

Down Bags  206 products

Down bags usually have a better warmth to weight ratio than their synthetic counterparts – so long as you don’t get them damp

Liners  41 products

Liners add a little extra insulation to your bag, but more importantly keep it cleaner and performing better as a result.

Mats  114 products

From the legendary Karrimat, to the self–inflating, to (rather pricey) down–filled mats to keep you super–warm.

Miscellaneous  60 products

From inflatalable pillows to repair kits.

Stuff Sacs  13 products

Stuf sacs protect your sleeping bag in your pack, can compress it to the smallest feasible size and, in some cases, keep it dry.

Synthetic Bags  141 products

Synthetic bags don’t usually give as much warmth per gram as a down bag but they do the job in a wider range of conditions.

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