Here's where you'll find reviews of tents, bivvies and shelters ranging from minimalist, one-person featherweights up to multi-person base camp citadels. For more advice check out our Buyers' Guide to tents.

If you want to review a product that is not listed, please email us and we will endeavour to get it added pronto.

Tents categories

Accessories  167 products

New skewers? Guyline tensioners? Maybe a groundsheet protector or 'footprint. Here's where to find the relevant reviews.'

Bivvy / One-person  97 products

Solo tents and bivvies are designed to shelter just one person and generally put an emphasis on light weight and compactness.

Four and more  205 products

Here's where you'll find the big base camp and communal tents mostly aimed at fixed base use rather than backpacking.

Furniture  55 products

Folding tables, chairs and beds can make all the difference when you're mild camping...

Tent Care  17 products

Cleaners and reproofers that are designed specifically to revitalise your tired tent and keep it working like new.

Three-person  88 products

Three-person tents are relatively rare, but can also make excellent roomy two-person shelters.

Two-person  254 products

The most popular tent configuration, there's a massive choice of two-person tents from ultra-lightweight backpacking shelters through to full-on, massively strong, mountain tents.

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