Scramble Route - Pinnacle Ridge, St Sunday Crag

Hard to find, but well worth the effort, Pinnacle Ridge on St Sunday Crag is one of the best scrambles in the Lakes with great scrambling in fantastic positions and quite a nice view too :-)

Posted: 21 February 2006
by Dave Mycroft

Pinnacle Ridge, St Sunday Crag - Lakes

Grade: 3

Overview: One of the Lake District's classic scrambles. A long walk in is required, but the results are well worth it with superb scrambling on solid rock in an impressive position.

Equipment: Ropes and protection strongly advised

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Views: 2
Technicality: 3-
Exposure: 2

out of five.

Pinnacle Ridge is one of the Lake District's classic scrambles and while it's not obvious from below, it's a superb, defined ridge route to the top of the broad plateaued summit of St Sunday Crag near Patterdale.

The route's a longish walk in from Patterdale, but the results are well worth it with superb scrambling on solid rock in an impressive position. All sorts of continuations are possible from this route taking in most obviously Fairfield or Helvelyn. Brilliant route :-)

Approach Take the path up Grisedale to just beyond Elmhow then move left to pick up the faint zig-zag track to a platform. Move right again and pick up another poorly-defined track to another platform and onwards to the scree slope. Climb alongside the scree to the obvious jumble of boulders that marks the start of Pinnacle Ridge.

St.Sunday Crag, Cofa Pike and Fairfield from Jeannie Conley's
Fairlfield Horseshoe album

Route - The route starts from a cairn by the side of a gully and takes the series of blocks forming the edge of the buttress. The buttress becomes more exposed as you climb higher above the gully, but the rock underfoot improves throughout, giving solid foot and handholds.

The first obstacle is the block ahead that looks like a gun - climb the slab below the gun until it becomes too smooth for easy progress, then move right behind an obvious large block.

Follow the crest of the ridge upwards to a large pinnacle, which should be avoided by moving left. Behind the pinnacle take a greasy corner in the steep wall ahead (protection advised) before exiting left.

Move right to rejoin the crest of the ridge and continue to a slab on the left. Rejoin the crest of the ridge and continue on exposed ground to a large slab which ends the crest suddenly.

Move left over the top then downclimb another slab to gain an easy vegetated slope. Move left again to steeper ground and climb the large blocks leading to the top.

Caution Scrambling is potentially dangerous and, particularly at the higher grades, requires technical skills and equipment to minimise the risk. We suggest that you take professional instruction or climb with an experienced partner.Braich ty du Face, Snowdonia

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Pinnacle Ridge scramble

Dave you’ve just given me a good memories explosion
started of with’ I’ve done that’ then saw the photo of Darren and then the photo of “who’s he – almost looks like me – cant be me - photos of me always make me look like the village idiot”. Whatever – memories are on a roll now
I’m sitting here with a great big smile (village idiot) on my face remembering that scramble, what an excellent day out & thanks for organising it Dave & people.
So then I had to go look at my own photos from that weekend - big smiles again
And then – banging on the cerebral door – remembers, that was the big meet weekend wasn't it with the auction the pray flags etcetera

Now that was a ‘good’ weekend, sun belting down, a good scramble on Saturday a wander in the hills and a swim in Brothers water to cool of on Sunday and good company through out -------- and I want it back

So, any plans for a second ‘big meet’ weekend I’m wondering
I do like to store up good things to look forward to ---- though occasionally the journey has been better than the destination -- not in the case of a ‘Big Meet’ obviously

Posted: 22/02/2006 at 12:41

Graham, it was a good weekend wasn't it?

I agree a great day scrambling with Iain, and thanks to Dave for organising it.

Wish I'd had that piccy for the calender I did for my Nan.

Posted: 22/02/2006 at 12:57

Not a bad pic but the one with both you and Kate on was better
Ps the menu on your website isn't working at all for me, not in FF or IE

Posted: 22/02/2006 at 13:10

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