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Matt Heason picks out one of the highlights of this year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

Posted: 3 February 2012
by Jon

We asked Matt Heason, the organiser of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival to select a cracking trailer for a Friday afternoon and this is what he came up. Rather topically, 'Cold' is a very personal account of an expedition to climb 8,000m+ Gasherbrum 2 in winter.

Climbing with Simone Moro and Denis Urubko - currently attempting Nanga Parbat in winter - American climber, Cory Richards, carried a compact digital camera on the mountain and produced this account of the climb which both nearly killed them and resulted in Richards becoming the first American to summit an 8,000m peak in winter. And yes, we have featured it before, but we reckon it merits another look.

The film's already won numerous awards and you can catch it at ShAFF this year from 9-11 March. More details at:

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Saw this is at the BANFF Mountain Festival Film Night i went to on Friday.
Excellent video. Inspirational!!!

Posted: 05/02/2012 at 21:29

I paid to download this from the Sender Films website and was very disappointed. The video is less than 25 mins long. It is not a very personal account as described, the whole narration was scripted by a writer with a non mountaineering background and the film was directed/edited from a series of North Face promo videos by a hired director. I found the emotional elements of the film, particularly the avalanche scene to be contrived. Although the actual subject is interesting, this film has no depth. The "Making of" section consists of fragmented interviews with the director, producer and writer who say how great the film is, but how uninteresting the subject of climbing is. There is not much to this film beyond the trailer. Touching the Void it ain't.

Posted: 10/02/2012 at 11:58

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