Nepal / Tibet Border Still Closed

Tibetan travel problematic as Chinese refuse to issue visas for Nepal - Tibet travel.

Posted: 16 July 2008
by Jon

A major UK trekking operator has had to cancel it's autumn departures to Tibet after the border with Nepal remained effectively closed despite Chinese claims to the contrary.

The Nepal/Tibet border was shut in March this year after rioting in the country, but according to leading trekking company KE Adventure Travel, despite the Chinese authorites saying that Tibet was once more open to foreign visitors following the parading of the Olympic torch through Lhasa last month, in reality only a handfull of visas have been issued.

Everest viewed from the Tibetan side - not easy right now...
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According to the Keswick-based company, visas are not being granted to organised groups or to anyone intending to travel to Tibet from Nepal. KE says that the borders may open in September after the finish of the Para Olympics, but with no guarantees, they've taken the decision to cancel their autumn departures to Tibet.

Many trekkers, they say, have switched to other Himalayan destinations, in particular Nepal itself and Bhutan.

Obviously the situation is also highly relevant to anyone hoping to travel independently from Nepal to Tibet in the near future, with border crossing problematic.

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